My first troll #warmahordes

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Warmahorde


Here you see my first troll painted. I have no baseing material atm so im leaving that for later.


I must say that im really pleased with the result.

Warmachine/Hordes batrep Circle vs Minions

Here is my latest game after yet again another long break from the game, this time due to  domestic issues.

Hope you enjoy!

Last weeks game

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is sadly not going to be a Batrep due to the fact that i did not have time to take a single picture! i had 2 min left on my timer so no chance for that I’m afraid.

My opponent was Wedding, another Circle player (the only one there except for me and hi was in my group…)

I matched his eKaya T4 with my Moshar and thought i would stand a chance… not that much sorry…

I lost all my beasts and he had all alive even if they where greatly damaged. no points for that.

But i did manage to capture one Control point at least!
I lost at Caster kill after falling short on my own attempt to assassinate his Warlock. (about 1-2″) i had eKaya marked with pray and thought i had 4-5 Tharn bloodtrackers in range after using curse of shadows on the one thing in my way and before that i upkeept Mirage so i had +2″. But still it did not cut it due to his Shadow pack. (battlegroup is stealth) .

At the moment im 3rd out of 4 players in my group but that can change fast next week where I’m up against Menoth… Not Stormshaft’s Menoth. It’s going to be a challenge to go up against my most hated faction with a new player commanding them.

Well that’s it for today!


See ya!

On my way #warmahordes

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Warmahorde

Now im off for the first game in the warmachinr/hordes tournament.

Im head to head with another Circle of orboros player that im told is highest ranked Circle player in Sweden.

Im taking Moshar this game to use his feat to hopefully spread som chaos in is beasts.

Well, wish me luck!

Painting progress

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Warmahorde

Here is my latest painted figures. eKrueger and pEyriss. It is the start of mt eKrueger T4 list. I chose purple on eKrueger to show off is defiance to the rest of the order. He is a real bad boy. My other casters are all in green theme.






Below is my other painted models i did lately.




Starting my Khador

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Warmahorde


So im thinking about finally paint up my Khador and so i started Prime them now


So i have about 204p to do and here is the first bunch Wish me luck

One week to go #Warmahordes

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Now it is just one week to go until my first tournament in Warmachine and Hordes.

A 16 player SR 2012 event, 50p x3 lists at Unispel, Lund here in Sweden.
Me, Stormshaft and Nogin are all joining in on this to test our metal in the heat of battle.
Last week we did a rundown on a few lists (I got to try all three of mine and i had to change my eKreuger list for eKaya due to painting restrictions in tournament rules, meaning painted only) and my match ups that day was

Game 1: Cryx: pDeneghra vs Circle: Kromac = Loss! due to some idiotic mistakes even if he started out doing a ‘Should have been’ fatal mistake of Charging with his Blood witches but forgot to attack and activated next unit and moved them instead. That was funny for me to watch. But it turned out that i forgot to field my Swamp gobbers and with that he could shoot Kromac and killing him. Bad mistake from my side there.

Game 2: Menoth: Thyra vs Circle: Moshar = Loss! This time it just was a bad play from my side and it was the first time he ever played with Thyra so i knew nothing bout the way she played at all, and that cost my my first loss with Moshar ever.

Game 3: Cryx: Scaverous vs Circle: eKaya = Win! It was a win but due to bad rolls it was not as secure victory as it should have been due to the way he deployed. Everything in the middle except his caster and two jacks, that he put on the far right hand side perfectly placed to be butchered by eKaya’s Feat shenanigans.It took my stalker going all in with fury and Wild agression buff to take 10 boxes off of Scave and another full attack from a Gnarlhorn to win me the game…. that was some damn crappy rolls…

All in all i think i did ok except in the Moshar game where i got paralyzed and handed him the victory. In Kromac’s game i saw many opportunities to win the game if i had one more round to go. Damn you Swamp gobblers!

Well i will se if i get some pics done for the Tournament that i can comment and so on.

Untill then,
have a good one!